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A Memoir     by Ronnie Botwinick Londner

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Shared by Linda Carmona-Sanchez

I bought this book over a month ago but couldn't bring myself to read it until today.

It is the story of my friend, Ronnie Botwinick Londner and her experience as the mother of Mikey.

My earliest memory is that while at Miami Children's Hospital during one of my daughter's seemingly endless hospitalizations, a nurse suggested that I reach out to Ronnie and her husband, Mark. I had never even seen a child with disabilities and here we were, Carmen's Dad and I, thrust into an unknown world with no idea how to
navigate it.

Ronnie and Mark had a child with conditions similar to ours and they had expressed a willingness to help other parents. They opened their home and their family to us and, they served as white-gloved ushers, guiding us gently into this new roller-coaster life. I look at the cover photo and remember the many times I saw that same determined gaze as Mikey hustled across the living room floor.

I think of the times Ronnie and I spoke about the horrors we allowed doctors to perform on our children without anesthesia because we didn't know Pavulon did not dull pain! And I am grateful that it was Ronnie who encourages me to search for joy again after becoming, like her, the mother of a deceased child.

Someday, each of us will find peace!

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