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A Memoir     by Ronnie Botwinick Londner

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unstoppable heart

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Be prepared to fall in love with Michael Londner, and become emotionally involved with the Londners as they love, laugh, rail, grieve and somehow endure.

Ronnie Londner is a remarkable woman who pulls no punches in this honest and often
heart-wrenching memoir. At times vulnerable, at times invincible, Ronnie’s experiences as the parent of a premature IVH baby are not only intense but highly informative as well. Much information is included about brain bleeds, neonatal care, possible outcomes, etc.

Her decision to donate Michael’s organs is handled with sensitivity and compassion, again with an eye to the others who might be saved.

Unstoppable Heart is sometimes poignant, sometimes painful, but always purposeful. It is a universal support group for those trying to navigate their way through life.

— Mona Abramesco

"Unstoppable Heart" will surely warm your heart.

Ms Londner is a wonderful writer with a compelling story. Mikey is a boy worth knowing and his mom's humor, bravery, and extraordinary spirit make this book a must read!

— Susan Sabean

When I started reading Unstoppable Heart
I found it very hard to put down.

Londner’s story is so intense, so packed with emotions one couldn’t help getting inside it and reliving it with her: the pain, anxiety and suffering she had to face up to, her struggle to save Mikey, Mark and Leonard, to relieve their pain, to make them feel loved until the end. By exposing all her wounds to the world she created the book which is impossible to read with detachment.

As I was reading, I felt questions thrown at me about my own life, my relationship with my children, and putting love first.

Bogodar Zielnica

Head of Foreign Languages
Wroclaw School of Banking, Poland

Unstoppable Heart is funny, poignant,
tragic and uplifting.

— Felipe Azambuja

PsychoPhysical Therapist

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