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A Memoir     by Ronnie Botwinick Londner

Ronnie Botwinick Londner is a medical writer and researcher. She has coauthored several books on disability issues and written for many national and local publications on science and medical topics.

Londner teaches two popular courses at the University of Miami and other venues:

 Helping Yourself or Others

Through Life’s Tragedies


 A Caregivers Guide: How to Do the Job Well

While Preserving Your Own Well-Being.

The founder of two parent support groups, she has spoken at medical conferences, hospitals, and the University of Miami Medical School on ethics in neonatology, organ donation, parents’ rights, and what physicians can do to avoid being sued.

In 1972, she was the first female motorcycle courier to work for a national television news network. She was thrilled when Walter Cronkite gave her the nickname, “Sparky.”

Originally from Brooklyn, New York, Londner earned her master’s of education in counseling psychology
from the University of Miami. The widow of a
popular news reporter, Londner lives in Miami
and has two surviving children and two grandsons.

She's thinking about buying a new motorcycle.


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Discussions & Engagements

To schedule speaking engagements or interviews, or to discuss the academic applications of the book, contact me at: ronlondner@

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Intraventricular Hemorrhage (IVH)Parents' research

Organ Donation Organizations

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To Contact Me

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Ron and Mikey in the park.

Ron with "editor" Logan, her grandson.

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