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Unstoppable Heart cover floating on blue sky w/ Mikey in swing.

A Memoir     by Ronnie Botwinick Londner



Ronnie Botwinick Londner

Ronnie Londner’s son Michael entered the world eleven weeks premature. At three days old, Mikey suffered bleeding in his brain, further threatening his already-tenuous grasp on life.

But Mikey survived to grow into a bright and cheerful boy with physical disabilities. His life pushed
Londner and her family into difficult emotional, medical, and ethical terrain—but also enriched
them with joy and love. Then, suddenly and unexpectedly, Mikey died at the age of eight.

Now, thirty years after Mikey’s birth, Londner
shares her son’s story to comfort families
facing similar tragedies—and raise
important questions about how we view
issues of life and death.

Ronnie Londner tackles tough topics with grace, compassion, and humor. She uses her personal experience as a mother and a medical researcher, writer, and
lecturer to explore issues including premature birth, infant surgery without anesthesia, disability, the death of a child, the death of a spouse, organ donation, lawsuits, decisions about having more children, and the impact that educational, religious and medical institutions have on our choices, decisions and lives.

Unstoppable Heart photo: Robin holding Mikey's hand on sofa.
Unstoppable Heart photo: Mikey & Teddy Londner cheek to cheek w/ toothbrush.
Unstoppable Heart-Teddy & Mikey's school photo
Unstoppable Heart photo of Ronnie Londner holding baby Mikey on a swing


Close-up photo of Ronnie Londner smiling.
Unstoppable Heart photo: Mikey w/ braces in wooden swing

This compelling book depicts a family
in crisis, in happiness, and in love.
When her second child is born very prematurely, 
the author’s comfortable world is rocked.
The reverberations, big and small, comprise
this memoir of grief and gratitude, heroism
and humor.

Carmel Cafiero

Investigative Reporter, WSVN-TV, 7 News Miami


Michael’s Organ Donation